Starting May 2023 we will be seeing patients in person on Wednesdays from 1pm – 5pm

  • Services

    Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation / Adults and Adolescents (12 and over)

    These appointments provide patients with a detailed initial diagnostic evaluation with an individualized treatment plan.

    Adult Psychiatric Evaluations appointments run a duration of 50-60 minutes.  This includes your appointment time, any record review, documentation, ordering or interpretation of labs, medication management and any care collaboration to achieve a comprehensive treatment plan.

    Adolescent Psychiatric evaluations run a duration of 80 minutes.  These appointments require parental consent and participation of both patient and parent. They are structured as roughly 25 minute blocks each with the patient, the parents, then followed by discussion with all members regarding treatment plan.

    Eating Disorder Evaluation / Adults

    These are thorough evaluations which include a full psychiatric evaluation including an additional emphasis on eating disorder symptoms.  A comprehensive treatment plan is reviewed towards the end of your appointment.

    Adult eating disorder evaluations run a duration of 75 minutes.

    Genetic Testing

    We offer psychiatric pharmaco-genetic testing.   The test is conveniently sent to your home with return package and usually takes 2-4 days to result.  Generally, it is recommended for patients who have tried multiple medications and cannot find the right fit.  Results and detailed treatment plan are discussed at the follow up appointment.

    Routine Follow up appointment / Psychopharmacology

    These are follow-up appointments that usually feature a mix of medication management and psychotherapy and hold a duration of 20 to 30 minutes.  Depending on patient circumstances the appointment times may be adjusted to meet treatment needs.

    Extended Follow up appointment / Adolescent Follow up appointments

    These are follow-up appointments designed specifically for adolescents or adults who may need more time.  These are also for patients who may be debating the need for medication and would like further education or questions answered.  They run a duration of 40 minutes per session.

    Adult Psychotherapy

    These appointments consist of individualized psychotherapy with or without medication management and run a duration of 55 minutes. You must schedule them on a weekly or every other week basis. This appointment requires commitment from both patient and physician.